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A black tuxedo or suit for 44 € (rental price for 4 days) for various occasions makes every man/lady look simply perfect. Whether you want to rent just one outfit privately or many outfits as a company, here you are right. Renting is cheaper than you think.

What do you want to rent?

RENT: Tuxedo 44 € for 4 Days*

The tuxedo is a particularly elegant suit and part of evening wear for men. Its characteristic feature is the shawl collar trimmed with mirror silk. It is also known as a small formal suit, in contrast to the tailcoat as a large counterpart. So if you read "Black Tie" on an invitation, you need a tuxedo with a black bow tie.

RENT: Suit 44 € for 4 Days*

The suit is the basis of all men's clothing and should therefore not be missing in any wardrobe. Should this be the case, we will gladly rent you a suitable suit for the most diverse occasions. You can wear it with or without a tie and you can also combine it with a matching vest. Just give it a try: You will be surprised how well a suit suits you.

RENT: Wedding-Outfit 104 € for 4 Days*

Our festive men's outfits not only look great at your own wedding, you will cut a fine figure at all celebrations and parties. They follow clear ideas, not exaggeration and playfulness. Our outfits combine the most common colours and designs and therefore fit perfectly to many wedding dresses. So you are completely dressed and have your head free for other things.

RENT: Tailcoat 94 € for 4 Days*

The tailcoat is a men's garment in the form of a waist-short jacket at the front with the typical lapels at the back, the swallowtails. The jacket is worn openly, the lapel has a shiny cover, underneath the waistcoat and shirt with flap collar. It is considered the king of men's clothing and is the most sophisticated dress code. Officially it is called "White Tie" because you always wear a white bow tie with it.

RENT: Pantsuit 44 € for 4 Days*

The pantsuit has also secured a firm place in the business wardrobe for ladies. Consisting of a blazer and trousers, it convinces in the office, at trade fairs or on business trips. With a pantsuit you are always well dressed. Combine it with a blouse or sweater and other accessories and show your personal style.

RENT: Costume 44 € for 4 Days*

The classic among the business outfits for ladies is the costume. It consists of blazer and skirt. You can combine it with a matching blouse and shoes and your perfect appearance is ready. So show style, because you always cut a good figure. Convince not only with your appearance, but also with your outfit.

Why black? Well, black just has style. Black (and blue) is the color (although it's not really a color) in business. It radiates competence, elegance and respectability. Black always works: for the beautiful and official occasions, but also for sad and touching events.


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 * All prices incl. VAT.
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